"April gives people peace"  ~ Adrianna P. 

"After travel, my arthritis from a previous surgery was bothering me, and I had difficulty sleeping.  April's session not only helped with the physical pain, but I am sleeping better.  Personally, being an intuitive, I need a body worker who has a pure soul.  April is an enlightened, compassionate healer whose session provided long-lasting healing on many levels."  ~ Lorrie V.

"April is made of the stars and ether.  She has an angelic nature and gentle style that creates a warm and nurturing environment.  As a long time client of her Reiki infused massage, I can speak with confidence and from experience that April is super knowledgeable, talented, healing, and supportive on so many levels, emotional, physical and energetic.  I highly recommend April's massages to anyone looking for a healing, relaxing, and nurturing experience."  ~ Long time client

"From the very first moment that you walk thru the door of April's space, you feel her peaceful and calming energy surround you.  A bodywork/energy session with April is a deeply nurturing and healing experience.  I have been receiving April's work for over 10 years .  I attribute much of my personal growth and development since then to her having removed energetic blocks which allowed my life energy to flow more freely.  I trust April so much that I bring my daughters to her regularly.   My teenager was having debilitating menstrual cramps.  I suggested she have a session with April.  Within minutes of being on the table, her cramps subsided and a peace and calm came over her.  She was so grateful to be relieved of her pain.  I use energy work to address physical symptoms but also as a part of wellness care and prevention."  ~ Perri N.

"Throughout the last seven years, working with April has been a special journey of mind, body, and spirit.  Developing life changing chronic pain after thyroid cancer recovery and unable to tolerate medication, April's thoughtful energy healing has been immeasurably meaningful to me; a catalyst for me to incorporate empowering yet simple self-healing practices every day.  With regular visits we learn more about each other's energy and leverage it.  The benefits of our work not only help me manage physical pain, but also to row and be a positive influence in my career and personal relationships.  Our work truly helps me to navigate through stressful circumstances and live a positive, active life while managing chronic pain.  I can't speak highly enough of April's gift off healing."  ~ Francine F.

"April has so many wonderful gifts.  One of them is being able to help other's find clarity in their spiritual journey fearlessly.  Her life experiences as an artist and scholar, have helped me bridge so many gaps in my awakening by connecting science to source.  She is a nurturing spirit with an abundance of knowledge, I highly recommend seeing her for a mentoring session."  ~ Jalina M.

"My disabled husband has benefited from April's expertise in massage therapy for many years.  She has always been considerate and accommodating to his needs and limitations, including modifying his sessions when he could not comfortable be on the table.  We have never left April's without my husband telling me how good he feels afterward.  We hope to continue seeing her for many years to come."  ~ Carol B.

" With empathic insight into the Spirit and subtle body, April brings healing through the gentle nurturing touch of a seasoned Massage Therapist.  When on her table, transformation happens.  Body, Mind and Soul." ~  holistic wellness coach