Remote Energy Healing

Telepathic remote healings typically last anywhere between 12-19 minutes in length.  These sessions scheduled ahead of time. 

These energy sessions promote the healing for specific acute health challenges manifesting in the body or rejuvenate an energy field (mental and emotional) or can re-energize the whole being for continued mind body Spirit balance and health maintenance.

Typically sessions are scheduled when you can have a quite environment and can sit or lay down as this is optimal for you to be in the "receiving mode", though not necessary. 

The energy exchange (fee) for these remote sessions are a sliding scale of $30 - $100.  Feel your experience and benefits and offer according to your experience.   I accept Venmo: AprilDaly11 ,\SHA111 , or Zelle (my phone #).

I include time to email or call about your experience and for me to offer any intuitive guidance that may come in during the session (with permission by the recipient).

Wishing you healing, balance, peace and calm.

In gratitude,

Only love,