About Me


 In March of 1996 I experienced a spiritual vision that had a huge impact on the way I think about everything.  Only later I would realize that my own energetic system had been shifted.  That year would mark my last year of a 30 year career as a ballerina.  Years later I realized that the many years I spent as a dancer helped me to cultivate the skills I put into my healing work today.  Skills like visualization,  sustained single pointed focus, understanding of non-verbal communication, a 4 dimensional experiential understanding of the body, unwavering discipline to keep learning and the ability to utilize and manage the subtle energies that sustain our lives. 
Now, after 20 years as a body worker and energy healer,  it is, first and foremost,  my spiritual life that sustains the work I do with people.   
Working with energy I am continually and humbly reminded that I am serving the whole person, body (vessel), mind (consciousness) and soul (consciousness),  and that we are all connected through this source energy which is our Divinity and our Universality.  


  • April holds an Associate's Degree and a New York State License in Occupational Therapy from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences.
  • April is a certified Reiki Master and has been able to see and feel energy since she was a child. 
  • April has a deep connection to nature and a strong spiritual discipline/connection which assist her in her life's work as a healer.
  By appointment