"One light lights us all"


What is Energy Healing?


Energy healing, sometimes referred to as "Reiki“, "energy work”, "therapeutic touch" or "light work”, is a gentle hands on technique used to accelerate the body’s natural ability to relax, reduce stress and heal on many levels. The Japanese word “Reiki” is translated as Universal Life Force Energy also known as “Prana”, "Qi", "Source Energy", Cosmic Energy" or "The Light of God" to name a few.  

In the science arena known as Quantum physics this same energy is called the “Photon” .  The all mysterious “light particle” .  It is this same energy which flows through everything including every atom in our body.  And what science shows us is that it is constantly vibrating or oscillating.  So everything including thought has a vibration.   That is how a radio receiver can pick up the vibrations and interpret them as sound.  This light energy has the ability to adapt and change with environment and consciousness (thought).  This information shows us that your mind has the ability to change your physiology.

Recharging the body battery with healing Energy~

Like everything, our bodies run on this source energy and due to life stresses like trauma and illness and even perpetual negative thinking now known as "quantum toxins", our energy flow can become sluggish, un-balanced or stagnant and will need replenishing or loosening for release.  Along with the unseen but tangible auric field which surrounds our bodies, we also have 7 recharge-able batteries or “energy centers” located along the spine called Chakras, or seven houses.  These energy centers and field of energy (aura) are responsible for keeping our body, mind and spirit feeling balanced and whole.  Energy healing is not only a gentle and effective way of recharging or replenishing our Chakras or energy centers but also assists us in releasing stagnant quantum toxins (negative vibratory emotions) which can linger in our energy field and hinder our potential or even make us sick.

What to expect during an energy healing~

While lying fully clothed on a massage table, I place my hands on or over different areas of your body bringing in a flow of this Source Energy into your body. Quite similarly to plugging a devise (your body) into a charger. Often people feel a deep sense of relaxation or peace. Others  report feeling subtle sensations such as heat or tingling or subtle sensation of movement or rocking. Some report seeing colors or images in the mind’s eye or feel emotions of  great love and comfort. Some people feel nothing, and that is perfectly fine. Some people experience immediate results and some experience healing shifts over time.

How often is optimal to receive an energy healing~

Like all methods of treatment, energy healing is most useful when used with consistency. It is my experience that it is beneficial that initially one receive 3-4 treatments a week apart to open and begin the balancing of the body systems and to gauge the level of healing that is experienced. Then the energy sessions can be adjusted to suit one's personal needs ~ weekly, bi-weekly or monthly




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 "The body cures with the assistance of the mind and spirit.  This includes self study, positive thinking, processing of emotions, diet, meditation & breath, visualization and faith" 

April Daly